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CONVERTED ORGANICS (COIN), (ENFN) – Fintech Focus For January 5, 2022

CONVERTED ORGANICS (COIN), (ENFN) - Fintech Focus For January 5, 2022
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One big thing about Fintech: Of the more than 200 electronic financial institutions licensed in the UK, there are those with executives or shareholders linked to alleged financial irregularities.

Source: Bloomberg

Other major developments in FinTech:

  • LSEG and STT extend the relationship. (NYSE: STT) (OTC: LNSTY)
  • Pine Labs has added an investment.
  • Tier1 Financial adds investing.
  • WonderFi eyes buy Bitbuy. (OTC: WONDF)
  • Cion Digital raises a seed of $12 million.
  • Great Spaces Introductions to MetroCrowd.
  • Worldline completes acquisition.
  • Clear Capital adds the assessment tool.
  • Pine Labs has added an investment.
  • BUX adds partial investment.
  • POP presses Crosskey as a partner.
  • Beko acquires Redline Trading.
  • WeLab is looking forward to launching the digital bank.
  • Visa, Mastercard eye without bank accounts. (NYSE: V) (NYSE: MA)
  • CFTC to Standardize Cryptographic Regulations.
  • TradeStation adds a crypto bonus.
  • Lloyds to invest in loyalty application. (NYSE: LYG)
  • The Chinese digital yuan wallet is live.
  • Metaversal Adds $50 Million Series A.
  • Auto Lending Jack Henry. (NASDAQ: JKHY)
  • Judopay works with Mastercard.
  • Coinbase, Enfusion Connect. (NASDAQ: COIN) (NYSE: ENFN)
  • The country was affected by the delay. (NYSE: NFS)

Be careful with this: The market has rarely had three consecutive years of double-digit returns, as we saw from 2019-2021. With the Fed poised to accelerate the tightening process and appreciate the stock market somewhat, we expect more muted returns for the S&P next year, but we still expect equities to remain attractive against other liquid asset classes.”

Source: Bel Air Investment Advisors

Interesting readings:

  • TikTok retweet test tool.
  • 4.5 million left their jobs in November.
  • The North Korean fugitive is back.
  • Fanatics buy Topps for $500 million.

Market headline: Five reasons why JPM (NYSE:JPM) stock strategists should see further upside.

  • After a marked slowdown in summer activity, the pace of growth is likely to stabilize through 2022.
  • The Fed is unlikely to continue to move further into hawkish territory in the first half of ’22, at least relative to the current rate. This also applies to the European Central Bank.
  • Keep seeing earnings gains, and I believe the consensus forecast for 2022 will once again prove to be too low.
  • In absolute terms, the price/yield multiples are high, but not the stock returns versus the credit and bond returns. Notably, there was some multiple pressure last year.
  • The overall technical picture is favorable, with the stocks doing well at the beginning of the year.

Source: market ear

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