Visa Cryptocurrency Stock Coin: Invest in Backed Payments Platform With this Coin Coin: Invest in Backed Payments Platform With this Coin
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The future will be symbolic: this is the premise that any investor makes currency (CCC: CRO-USD) will need to embrace it if they expect to hold with confidence and conviction.

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Confidence is now easier said than done, in the wake of the massive cryptocurrency correction. The price of the token has fallen, although contrarian traders can view this as an opportunity rather than a problem.

The coin is no exception, having recently fallen from its highest price. However, it remains one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap, so there is no need to give up hope.

Besides, investing in a CRO is based on the firm belief that the cryptocurrency payments space can and should be disrupted. And as we shall see, the association with a financial giant should help the token revolution gain traction in the 2020s. currency price analysis

Before we join a full revolution, let’s take a moment and do a brief technical analysis. Whether you are green or bleeding red with currency depends on when you took the position.

For example, if you bought the coin at the beginning of 2021 at 6 cents, you are good to go. Heck, it should be over 800% higher now. On the other hand, if you bought a CRO at 95 cents in late November, your timing was less than ideal.

The recent crash in the broader cryptocurrency market has prevented Coin from reaching the key $1 level, at least for now.

This is how things work in the volatile world of digital asset trading. With this in mind, it is important to keep your deal sizes small at all times.

As of December 10, the CRO is trading at a very reasonable 56 cents. So, would you dare to buy a dip and a HODL (wait for dear life)?

Free, maybe

The answer to this question depends on whether you believe not only in the currency, but in the project behind this token.

So, let’s start with the basics. CRO is the original token of the chain, which was created to build a network of crypto projects and to develop the ability of merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

At the core of this business model is Pay. This is a mobile payment service that allows its users to pay and/or receive cryptocurrency anywhere, anytime for free.

Well, let’s define exactly what “free” means. Apparently, users will not pay any processing fees for settlements in cryptocurrency, “or save up to 80% in fees over typical payment processors.”

The project white paper sets the typical payment processor fee from 1% to 3%. So, using Pay may or may not be really free, but it is definitely low cost.

big money partner

The aforementioned white paper also claims that “Fiat Institutions Support” is one of the advantages of Whether the word “institutions” really should be in the plural is debatable.

However, this point is well taken, since the project has at least one giant financial institution on its side. As it turns out, works with Visa (New York Stock Exchange:Fifth) on payment cards linked to cryptocurrency.

Apparently, the Visa Card is “the only card you need”. Whether this is true or not, I’ll let you decide. Enjoy up to 8% back on all spend with your Pure Metal Card.
No annual fee. Top up your balance with a fiat or cryptocurrency issue, “That’s the ballpark. It’s an attractive list of benefits, I’ll admit.

Furthermore, cardholders can spend and withdraw the equivalent of cryptocurrency online or offline at more than 50 million Visa-certified merchants worldwide.


It’s hard to deny that Visa’s partnership adds value and credibility to the project. Don’t get me wrong – the token revolution will happen with or without the support of traditional financial institutions.

However, it is clear that the movement is gaining momentum. With that in mind, a small stake in a CRO can provide a huge rise, along with exposure to disruptive force in the payments market.

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