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Green Finance Outlook 2022, Visa goes into crypto consulting and GreenClimateDAO – Tearsheet

Green Finance Outlook 2022, Visa goes into crypto consulting and GreenClimateDAO – Tearsheet
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As 2022 approaches, we’re taking a look at what’s been happening in the green finance industry to get an idea of ​​what trends will continue next year, the concerns we need to consider, and the new market players looking to fill in the gaps. All in all, it has been an optimistic year as the financial world begins to take climate action.

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Green Finance Prospects 2022: Trends, Concerns, and New Arrivals

The green finance market is expected to grow significantly in 2022 The urgent need to move towards a low carbon economy is beginning to materialize.

from direction Banks are under pressure to “clean up” their books And start divesting from fossil fuels, and redirecting their money toward greener projects.

On the other hand, there are climate-focused companies that operate mostly under the radar on sustainable technologies and services that have proven profitability, and are hungry for capital.

The two sectors are set to grow even more closely in the coming year, especially as new fintech firms come in to bridge the gap and pair capital with clean ventures.

A new wave of “climate fintech” is emerging, offering consumer products such as wood debit cards and carbon footprint trackers, as well as commercial services such as ESG management and wallet optimization to divest from fossil fuels.

So, beyond the busy year of 2021 – what trends will continue into 2022?

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