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Ledger Unveils Crypto Debit Card, Partnership With FTX

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Hardware wallet provider Ledger will launch a new cryptocurrency debit card that enables users to pay for goods and services using their digital assets, the company He said On Twitter December 9.

The so-called Visa Crypto Life card, which was issued in partnership with Baanx, was unveiled during Ledger’s semi-annual Op3n conference in Paris on Thursday. During the card presentation, the company claimed that it will allow users to spend their cryptocurrency at more than 50 million retailers, and that it will initially support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT).

Expected to launch in the UK, Germany and France in the first quarter of 2022 – and in the US in the second – the card will be connected to the company’s desktop and mobile Ledger Live app, allowing users to easily buy, exchange and stake their cryptocurrency. Unlike other crypto cards that convert digital currencies into fiat currency only before selling, Crypto Life will also allow its users to obtain a line of credit using their crypto as collateral, in addition to automatically converting their salary into crypto.

Ledger also announced a partnership with the FTX exchange today, providing Ledger Live users with access to the exchange’s liquidity, leverage and trading options. This move is designed to improve the user experience by giving them quick access to trading, while their assets remain completely safe. Ledger CEO, Pascal Gaultier, said in a statement:

“Ledger is the number one choice for serious crypto investors. More than 15% of all crypto assets are secured with more than 4 million Ledger Nano sold since 2014. In the past, they needed to transfer their assets to the exchange, trade and back again. Now traders and investors can who are serious about doing everything right starting with their Ledger Nano security.”

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