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NWSL Partners With Voyager, Players to Receive Crypto Payments

NWSL Partners With Voyager, Players to Receive Crypto Payments
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ESPN plans to get tech Smorgasbord for soccer tournament in Georgia-Alabama tonight


Tom Friend

ESPN’s signature MegaCast returns for tonight’s College Football Championship game between Georgia No. 3 and No. 1 Alabama, with 100 cameras, 100 microphones, and 13 separate alternate broadcasts.

The network claims that it will be transmitting the main broadcast from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis with the following technology:

* An AllCam that “captures the entire field, allowing isolated shots of any player and on-field activity at all times.”

* PylonCams “In every corner of the end area where back line towers now have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom – covering the end area more than ever before.”

* Multiple Skycams “include traditional and high sky, displaying motion from different heights over the field.”

* Field scenes ‘through cameras that are mounted above the hats of officials.’

* Line angles to earn “will appear to the edifice camera at the first bottom line (low angle).”

* Virtual reality graphics ‘that span across the entire field and appear across multiple cameras at the same time.’

Outside of the main broadcast on ESPN, alternative broadcasts include a movie room with Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher on ESPN2; Command Center on ESPNU that “fFeatures a multi-angle view, which includes up to four different vantage points simultaneously, with real-time driving stats and charts that complement the game’s action’; AT&T 5G Skycast on ESPNews showing game sounds; Broadcast in Spanish. radio calls in his hometown of Georgia and Alabama on the SEC network; national audio broadcast on ESPN Radio; 4K Skycam on DirecTV, YouTube TV, Verizon, and five different live streams, including the two bands running at halftime.

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