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Paris Blockchain Week Summit Returns April 12-14th, 2022

Paris Blockchain Week Summit Returns April 12-14th, 2022
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Paris, France – December 15, 2021 Blockchain Week Summit in Paris (PBWS), a Leading International Conference Dedicated to Blockchain Professionals and The crypto-asset space has announced that its 2022 edition will be held as a hybrid event From 12 to 14 April 2022.

Emmanuel VenetAnd The CEO commented at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit: “I am pleased to announce that PBWS will return as a physical event in Paris in 2022. As a joint meeting place for industry leaders, we will help navigate the market, players and applications, whether they are close to maturity, such as DeFi, or new paradigms emerging, such as decentralized autonomous organizations.”

Brings together the world’s leading figures in technology, politics, business and Finance, PBWS 2022 will be held in F . stationAnd The largest university campus in the world and incubator. Besides the in-person event, attendees will be able to attend and network practically.

Jordan EdelsteinAnd CMO in stellar development foundation He commented, “We I can not wait to get engaged with the wide matrix array From attendees in a PBWS And discussion the being From chances employment the excellent network.”

Over 250 international speakers from diverse sectors including politics, technology, Business and Finance at PBWS 2022. The event will focus on four major events Paths: Enterprise Blockchain, Focused on Enterprise Innovation, Supply Chain, traceability; Technology builders, focused on decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), governance, privacy, and technical use cases; Open financing, focus on decentralized finance (DeFi), digital asset liquidity, cryptocurrency lending, exchanges; And Public policies, focusing on regulatory developments, transparency initiatives, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Alex MashinskyAnd CEO of Celsius He commented, “Centennial is being Honoring to is being a part From PBWS. gatherings Like as this is One Present a very important opportunity to experts to Show Blockchain Unlimited Applications And how this is technology can Table the future road From Web3 technology.”

Emmanuel Vint concluded his speech by saying: “PBWS Objectives to is being in a the forefront From the next one Technique Model Transformation who – which will on board 2 Billion People in a the the new my world Economie. as a Main Event, we hopefull to Enable attendees to stay Before From the curve And growth in a a fast moving environmental system. for us Event will help Babysitter meaningful relations who – which can change Business And Association as we I know He. She.”


Emmanuel Vint, Executive Director in a Paris Blockchain week summit, is being Available to interviews.

About the Blockchain Week Summit in Paris

The third annual Paris Blockchain Week (PBWS) Summit will be held as a hybrid event from 12-14 April 2022 at Terminal F in Paris and online via a dedicated digital platform. First launched in April 2019, PBWS was the first international conference to be held in France dedicated to professionals in the field of crypto assets and blockchain. The event is organized by leading companies and organizations in the emerging technology field: ONX-Blockchain and Woorton. With the support of some of the most prominent figures in technology and politics, PBWS will accelerate the growth of blockchain and digital assets in France and abroad.

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