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Rev Debuts Its App-Based X World Wallet

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Payment product innovation company Rêv has first launched X World Wallet, an app-based multi-currency debit account, across the United States, according to a press release on Tuesday (January 4).

The X World wallet comes with a loyalty program, travel reservations and discounts portal, along with an integrated global sustainability initiative. The wallet can be loaded from user bank accounts, and linked to Visa cards which can then be added to Apple, Google and Samsung Pay digital wallets.

The portfolio will be marketed directly to consumers and through strategic partnerships, including community banks and credit unions.

Digital payments are becoming more ubiquitous during the pandemic, with the new global popularity partly due to new FinTech products making it easier to sign up for mobile-centric plug-and-play services.

According to Visa research, Tap-to-pay transactions are up 30% year-over-year, and an estimated 150 million Americans have used a digital wallet at some point.

Roy Sousa, CEO of Rêv Worldwide, Inc. Parent of Rêv USA, “We are proud of the value our global X portfolio provides to customers.” Discount platform so that customers can earn maximum rewards without the burden of high annual fees and interest fees that often accompany convergent credit cards.”

PYMNTS recently reported that payments have taken on new factors as streaming media and other instant interactions have changed expectations.

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According to Elena Whistler, Senior Vice President at The Clearing House (TCH), real-time payments could see a boost next year.

Real-time payments accounted for about 17% of all payments as of 2021, up from 5.7% in 2020. Companies have also chosen to pay employees in real time more often, showing the shift toward a gig economy and other things like that. kind.


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