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SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (SMKG:OTCQB) 2022 Update

SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (SMKG:OTCQB) 2022 Update
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Interoperability within our own market technologies for customers

NEW YORK, NY, Jan. 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (SMKG: OTCQB):

Noteworthy: SMKG’s intellectual portfolio consists of 17 owned platforms in PayTech – Fintech – CrossBorder FX – Blockchain – Cryptocurrency Issuance, NFT Minting, Markets, Wallet, Events, Crossing, Workforce and includes stocks in Xpay.World Singapore and OriginatorX

SMKG: OTCQB has developed a wide range of corporate and financial institutions’ intellectual property with a strong focus on Marketplace technologies (Brick and Mortar, Digital and Metaverse) that will improve and increase transactions with large groups of merchants and suppliers. Customers are consumers. To expand our capabilities even further, our team is collaborating with experts in the field of virtual and augmented reality to deliver a rich experience with AI for Metaverse, Egaming and Esports Industries projects that have expanded our reach.

The company will also issue a sponsored Crypto Currency which will be classified as Creare Coin on the Ethereum Blockchain. Management also intends to seek approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission to allow the company for 2022 to issue “Creare Coin” to existing shareholders of SMKG:OTCQB that hold Class A common stock within a specified period of the filing date. The company intends to issue a Coin to Class A Common Stock Ratio of 20:1. Creare Coin will be used for cross-border payments, cross-wallet payments, bonus and compensation exchanges, escrow purchases and a digital world like the unique Metaverses to be launched. The coin will also allow Peer2peer exchanges to trade in Esports and Egames. There has been a significant focus in the business with our push rod partners globally to allow for interoperability and visibility. More details about coins Icons It will be revealed at launch.

Massimo Barron, CEO of SMKG:OTCQB, stated, “2021 has been a year in which we are excited about developments and full of strategic partners that include financial institutions in several key markets. This has allowed us to build on core payments and achieve commercial deployments. At the same time , the year has faced challenges with renewed shutdowns, remote working and learning curves for governments, financial institutions and businesses that have seen significant budget cuts and in many cases reallocation of efforts and capital. Projects during idle periods.

“We are certainly on the right track to build our own paths, as we have also been invited to discussions by several major equity firms and organizations with ongoing discussions that have a desire to acquire all or some of the intellectual property identified in SMKG’s portfolio. In addition to parties interested in investing capital Strategic growth in target markets.This gives us mobility and limits dilution for shareholders, allowing us to grow multiple markets simultaneously.We have expanded our cross-border payment rails with partner coverage in North America, Europe, Asia, China, Latin America and the Philippines and worked with partners They cover a large part of Africa.

China in particular has been a difficult corridor to manage as the tension between the United States and China has led to many restrictions and the imposition of many lockdowns. We remain optimistic that our corridor and partner financial institutions are working with us to meet the strict new guidelines that have allowed the completion of an important digital pathway, and we expect the newly created Chinese digital yuan to be a part of that corridor as well in the near future.

“In the Philippines, it has been an exciting year for developments as the allocation of both SMKG’s capital and technology investments with Xpay led to several major developments, licenses and permits within the country by regulators – adding to this a strong growing customer pipeline that includes an incredible demand for Axepay payments. across the border.

“As 2022 is upon us and we have not only commercialized many platforms but completed a heavy load of integrations and certifications to meet compliance in many key markets – we have determined that our ISO and ISV partners will be very strategic in our growth. It has become critical Offering our SAAS solutions directly to merchants is well accepted by large corporations and financial institutions in return for offering only a White Label licensing model – which allows direct marketing activations with unique interoperability and seamless financial services to compete with DEFI in these markets.

“We are unique from multiple breeds of companies with a true marketing strategy for our customers, unlike any other technology company that has a bit of a go-to-market strategy for customers or just a companion solution. Our portfolio consists of technology for payment technology, merchants, consumer markets, payment rails and gateways with a full range offering. For Blockchain, Crypto Currency and NFT.

Update for our shareholders in Canada

“As stated in previous communications, management is working to raise the profile of a CTO in Canada for Canadian shareholders. We have a clear understanding of the issues remaining to complete the final requirement to raise a CTO as discussions and document exchanges have been ongoing with L’Autorite Des Marches Financiers Quebec (AMF). SMKG: Will OTCQB files to update its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission to change ARS to Reported Issuer status with the US Exchange Commission to obtain the required confirmation of the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) to cancel the CTO. We will provide an update as soon as possible. Annual general meeting on the 21st From January anyone wishing to participate can email us at – anyone can participate.”

News sources that enhance our business cases for target markets and industries globally.

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SMKG Noteworthy: Recent spotlight has focused on the company’s LATAM expansion with Xcoop, Compuage Infocom India distr. Partnership, Visa Everywhere Fintech JV, Mumbai Gov’t Fintech JV, Axepay FX Cross-border Payment Rails, Acquisition of Chat Bot AI Code Library, OriginatorX – Ethereum Coin Issue and Xpay Payment Minority Ownership.

About SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTCQB: SMKG):
SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC: SMKG) is an industry leader specializing in e-commerce, cloud applications, and mobility for the global PayTech and FinTech markets. SMKG is a leading technology company, providing business intelligence and digital transformation strategies with a proprietary suite of applications and wireframes for the banking, corporate, retail e-wallets, blockchain, crypto, nft, token, digital id-eKYC, digital workforce, events, management, education and telemedicine industries After the metaverses and booking flights.

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