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Solana Price Predictions: Why Some Analysts Think SOL Crypto Will Soar in 2022

Solana Price Predictions: Why Some Analysts Think SOL Crypto Will Soar in 2022
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(Editor’s note: This article previously reported a 2022 USD price prediction for SOL in 2022. This is incorrect and has been updated.)

Solana (CCC:LEFT-USDPrice predictions set the crypto-set to make big gains this year and we’re delving into why.

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So what is behind these bullish expectations for Solana price? An analyst at Bank of America, Kish Shah, explains that it is about the cryptocurrency blockchain. They argue that it is geared towards consumer use through “scalability, low transaction fees, and ease of use”.

According to Shah, this can lead to SOL playing a role Visa (New York Stock Exchange:Fifth) of encryption. They also point out more advantages Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) which could see Solana gain a significant market share of the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, according to reports. Alpha search.

It’s worth noting that SOL’s explosive growth is unheard of. Crypto has seen significant gains in the past as its value has increased by about 4,080% over the past year.

However, these price predictions for Solana do not mean that ETH is out of the race. A similar bull case could occur for cryptocurrency with changes to its protocol that could potentially allow it to reach $20,000 per token by the end of the year.

For the record, Ethereum is trading for about $3,367 as of this writing. This means that she would need to see a 494% increase in value to reach her $20,000 price prediction.

SOL is up 5.7% and ETH is up 3.5% in the 24-hour period starting Wednesday afternoon.

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