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“Tap on Phone” payment solution launched by Visa and areeba in Lebanon

“Tap on Phone” payment solution launched by Visa and areeba in Lebanon
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Electronic payment technology company Ariba and Visa have teamed up to offer a Tap On Phone solution that turns any Android smartphone into a secure payment acceptance device for contactless cards and mobile payments.

Merchants can download the ‘Tap on Phone’ mobile app and start accepting payments immediately, providing their customers with a seamless and secure payment experience.

This new option will allow small and medium businesses (SMBs) the ability to accept contactless payments using their own smart devices. “Tap On Phone” is a simple and cost-effective acceptance technology developed to meet the needs of small and micro businesses such as grocery stores, kiosks, restaurants, barbershops, small retailers and services such as delivery.

According to Maher Mikati, CEO of Areba, many small and medium merchants in the Arab world do not currently accept electronic payments, despite the security, convenience and value it will bring to their business. Converting a mobile phone into an acceptance device opens up huge opportunities for these merchants by increasing their sales and reducing their costs.

Mario Makari, Visa’s director for Lebanon and Iraq, added, “The pandemic has made it imperative for businesses to expand their payment methods beyond cash, as consumers expect and prefer secure and seamless payment methods wherever they are. This new option can help businesses quickly transition to digital technology. Avoid losing sales and improve cash flow by accepting contactless payments anywhere, anytime while improving the customer experience.”

In McCary’s opinion, customers also win with the new option. “We are excited to partner with Areeba to deliver this innovative digital payment solution that will help open up access to the digital economy for more Lebanese consumers and businesses.”


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