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Tesla Removes Promise of ‘2022’ on Cybertruck Website

Tesla Removes Promise of '2022' on Cybertruck Website
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Tesla's Cybertruck as it appeared in early December 2021, a year ago

Tesla’s Cybertruck website has been deleted as it appeared in early December 2021, before the year “2022”.
screenshot: Tesla / Internet Archive

Tesla has removed any mention of 2022 from Cybertruck websiteWhich is a bad sign for anyone hoping to get their hands on the electric truck before the end of the year. Don’t say we didn’t warn you Back in 2019.

Removal, the first to spot it Mashable, most likely happened in mid decemberAccording to pages preserved in the Internet Archive, however, this is the first time that it has been noticed. Tesla removed any mention of pricing or model information back in October, but this latest peeling of the electric car company’s website removes the year 2022.

Cybertruck was first announced on 2019Tesla CEO Elon Musk hailed it as something close to “an armored personnel carrier of the future.” But the car became a laughing stock when its windows were ‘indestructible’ obliterate Upon unveiling the prototype, the impractical shape caused the musk to collide with a traffic tower afterwards Dinner in Malibu.

Production was supposed to start in 2021, but as recently as August, Tesla announced that it would be delaying production of the car backwards until 2022. Now the entire timeline appears to be in question, although Musk has yet to comment on the latest change. Tesla Gizmodo has infamously disposed of its PR team, so there is no one Gizmodo has reached out to for comment on the move.

When Musk first announced the Cybertruck, he promised it would cost $39,900, and reach 7500 poundsIt will be able to carry a 3,500-pound payload in its bed. But all those promises have faded in the past two years, and the production year in 2022 was the latest fiasco.

Tesla is supposed to produce the Cybertruck at its plant in Austin, Texas, but, again, there’s no way to reach confirmation of any of that information. Musk, the richest person on the planet, decided he didn’t really need a PR team and could only tweet important announcements to control the narrative – it should be noted that it often looks like cryptocurrency pump and dumps.

Musk has a long history of making strange promises he can’t keep, including automated transmissions that were meant to arrive. By 2020. Or what about Musk’s allegations? Made in 2016 That his Tesla cars will be fully self-driving by 2018?

Cybertruck pre-orders are still available with a $100 deposit. But will Musk’s exotic electric truck arrive in the future before the flying car? That remained to be a sight.


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