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The Crypto Market is Alive and Well. 10,000% Returns Remain a Reality for Want to be Billionaires

The Crypto Market is Alive and Well. 10,000% Returns Remain a Reality for Want to be Billionaires
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NFTs definitely grabbed a lot of headlines. Cryptos remains a favorite of investors, with volatility continuing to lure investors away from more mature asset classes.

Uncertainty in monetary policy and volatility in the foreign exchange markets gave investors additional reason to jump.

So, with Bitcoin posting an impressive 1,430% return since its 2020 low of $4,000, a number of other major companies have also moved on.

Recently, the news hit the wires of the asset value of Shiba Inu Coin portfolio holder, rising from an initial investment of $8000 to more than $5 billion in less than one year.

When considering cryptocurrency adoption and more widespread accessibility, returns of 10,000% and more remain a reality.

The likelihood of this happening increases when you consider how satisfactory the global stock markets are nowadays. As central banks make a shift in monetary policy, more seasoned investors will also be looking beyond the Dow.


With the crypto markets, there are likely to be two camps.

On the one hand, we have those who are looking for adoption. As we’ve seen with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Ripple’s XRP, it’s a long and slow process.

Movements across the major currencies were driven by sentiment. Cryptocurrencies are not yet close to competing with the likes of Visa and fiat. However, the truth is that even Visa has embraced blockchain. All this means that there is a future. Those who compared cryptocurrency to tulips would surely have missed out on an investment opportunity that provided unprecedented wealth.

When looking at cryptocurrencies that might attract investors, price is a major factor.

Buying 100 bitcoins for a significant return is a long way off for many investors, as bitcoin is worth $60,000. 100 bitcoins will set you back more than $6 million.

However, the purchase of even a million coins for some low-value cryptocurrency is within the reach of many.

For example, 2 million Shiba Inu coins would set the investor back $150. Now topping the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, it’s a small price to pay for a coin that can reach half a cent or even a dollar.

Other coins worth studying include Ripple’s XRP. Rank 7y By market capitalization, the current concern is how the SEC might affect the platform and XRP in terms of value.

If the case against Ripple goes in favor of the remittance platform, a hack is likely. Besides, a spike in adoption will follow, supporting further upside.

When considering the ground achieved by some of the major companies during 2020 and 2021, XRP is lagging far behind.

Since the 2020 low of $0.1165, Ripple’s XRP is up 856%. To put things into perspective, Shiba Inu Coin stock is up 831% in October alone. Coin, Stellar’s Lumen, Tron’s TRX, VeChain, and Waves can also be a big driver. However, they will need more support for cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

If we look at the returns since the big recovery that began in early 2020:

VeChain has definitely impressed, rising a whopping 7,400% since its March 2020 low.

Stellar’s Lumen (1,328%) and Tron’s TRX (1,424%) were also delivered.

However, has lagged Coin (+779%) and Waves (+390%), as well as many other major cryptocurrencies.

Arbitrage coupled with favorable market conditions may indicate that any of the above could form a floor on VeChain.

A return of 10,000% on a $1,000 investment is too tempting to ignore. The only question will be when investors will cash out…

Investing what one would like to lose in the hope of making unexpected gains is a reasonable strategy. But those betting their shirts may join those who burned in the 2018 meltdown.

To put it in perspective, Bitcoin peaked at just $19,891 before regulators hit the crypto world in 2018.

To become a crypto whale, folding is not just an option and cutting out the noise is a must.


Bitcoin’s move to $70,000 and talk of $100,000 would fuel another hack. A herd-like investment would give the golden egg to those who choose wisely or diversify widely.

However, regulatory news must remain market-friendly to support another breakthrough.

As governments, central banks and banks strive to maintain their control, the road will remain bumpy.

If there’s anything the cryptocurrency market has shown since the crash in 2017, it’s resilience…

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