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Trending On Twitter: Matt Damon Gets Roasted For Advertisement – Twitter (TWTR)

Trending On Twitter: Matt Damon Gets Roasted For Advertisement
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announcement about starring actor Matt Damon Who has been online since late October is now trending Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) – And Damon gets some of the most negative reviews on this side of “Suburbicon.”

What happened: Last October, Singapore-based announced that it was launching a global marketing campaign featuring Damon in an ad titled “Fortune Favors the Brave,” directed by the Academy Award-winning cinematographer. Wally Pfister It is produced by David Fincher. In a press release, the company said the ad highlights its “special spirit, while inspiring those who want to change the course of history with a timeless phrase first uttered in thousands of years.”

The one-minute ad finds Damon walking through a museum-type structure while telling the viewer “History is seen with approx – who almost venture, who almost achieve, but in the end for them it proves to be so.”

Damon then turns his attention to “those who embrace and commit to the moment.” Damon reminds the viewer that these brave men and women who have advanced scientific and technological knowledge through exploration of Earth, air, and outer space are fueled by “four simple words whispered to boldness since the time of the Romans: fortune favors the brave.”

what happened after that: posted the ad on YouTube on October 28, and it ran on TV networks in more than 20 countries. For no apparent reason, prominent members of the entertainment and media industry on Twitter took a fresh look at it today and happily toasted Damon and the ad contents.

Novelist and screenwriter Paul Rudnick The advertising background is sought by TwitterIn Matt Damon’s bizarre crypto ad he says “Fortune favors the brave.” Also: 1) The name of Matt’s upcoming movie where he plays a cowboy named Fortune Brave 2) What Matt told Ben about getting back with JLo 3) How he made it Matt’s accountant doing advertising.”

Adam H Johnson, co-host of the “Wanted Quotes” podcast, chirp That “the saddest thing about Matt Damon’s cryptocurrency show where the viewer has to act now or is a weak pussy is that this is a top 3 classic that all financial schemes have used to get guys to pay up their paltry savings. Nothing has changed in 150 years.”

Ken Klebstein, a writer with The Intercept, also considered the financial aspects when he was chirp, “Matt Damon is doing a crypto ad. Jesus Christ doesn’t have enough money already.”

Washington Post reporter David Weigl I found a little bit of encryption log infiltrated into the ad, Twitter, “My favorite part of the ad is that the astronaut from South Asia has a name card that says ‘Satoshi,’ meaning Satoshi Nakamoto. I would have loved to hear that part of the ad showing.”

And Carol Cadwallader, financial writer for UK publications The Guardian and The Observer, took a hit on both Damon and crypto by Twitter That “there is not enough despair in the world to describe Matt Damon’s announcement of a Ponzi scheme and compare it to the landing on the moon.”


Photo: Screenshot from the movie “Fortune Favors the Brave”.

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