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Trust Payments announces its new crypto partnership with Everest

Trust Payments announces its new crypto partnership with Everest
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LondonAnd December 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Trust Payments, a leading Fintech group, is excited to announce its partnership with Everest, a licensed crypto custodian.

The partnership provides plenty of opportunities for merchants to expand their business into the crypto world. With the partnership, financial transactions are limitless for any debit card user. In addition, users can deposit anywhere in the world and buy cryptocurrency via the Everest licensed platform. This platform allows users to freely enter and exit traditional finance. This means that users can purchase cryptocurrencies and a variety of access services, such as cross-border payments and decentralized financing tools such as borrowing, lending, and storage.

“We are excited to start our partnership with Everest. Users can quickly and easily purchase cryptocurrencies and then trade, send and receive via the many services on the Everest platform. Our merchants wanting to expand globally into the crypto market can benefit from the huge amount of services they provide,” Alison ConwayHead of the Strategic Development Department commented.

One of the things that a merchant can face is getting cash in the crypto system safely, securely and compliantly. However, with EverWallet (web and mobile), users can buy crypto on their debit card and Trust Payments will process card transactions so users can buy crypto anywhere they are around the world. Once completed, users are free to do whatever they like with the cryptocurrencies they have purchased.

This partnership will also allow Trust Payments users to grow their crypto businesses through a new generation of financial services that benefit multiple users, from merchants to token issuers, and other users such as Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C). .

“As we grow and expand, we are pleased to partner with Trust Payments and offer solutions where users can deposit cash from any debit card from anywhere in the world and purchase cryptocurrency via the Everest licensed platform. Trust Payments’ ability to process debit card transactions will increase Everest’s reach and ease of use, Leading to mass-market crypto services, such as buying, selling, trading, sending any currency globally, and accessing lending and borrowing.” Involved Bob ReedCEO of Everest Network Ltd.

About Everest:

Everest is a licensed crypto custodian with its own high-speed blockchain, the world’s first programmable, global stablecoin. Everest offers its users a global I/O of cryptocurrency, and a range of financial services, including cryptocurrency trading with access to more than 200 currency pairs, international money transfers, earning and borrowing, foreign exchange, and betting. A unique biometrics-based digital identity platform enables users to digitally verify their identity and selectively share proofs, credentials and attributes.

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About Trust Payments Group

Trust Payments is a unified global payments suite of global payment and response technologies and the customer journey. Our mission is to help companies improve their sales and customer experience by facilitating fast and seamless payments, loyalty and data management, creating a truly converged commerce. Our global technology platform connects to more than 50 global banks to support multi-acquirer processing, as well as our EU merchant acquisition solution. The group holds a UK FCA Authorized Payment Institution (API) license, prime memberships with Visa and Mastercard, as well as US money transfer and gaming vendor licenses.

Our reliable and robust technology solutions process £5 billion in annual volume for over 20,000 e-commerce, mobile and Point of Sale (POS) businesses in 15 equivalent settlement currencies. Partners, developers and merchants who work with us benefit from our 24 years of payment experience in the retail, travel, hospitality, gaming, education, financial services and emerging industries.

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