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Up-and-Coming Cryptocurrencies for 2022

Up-and-Coming Cryptocurrencies for 2022
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The stock market had another impressive year in 2021, with the S&P 500 up nearly 27%. But this was child’s play compared to the three- and four-digit gains that some of the biggest cryptocurrencies brought to their investors last year.

If you invested in Binance Coin at the beginning of 2021, you would earn 1,300% in the year. Avalanche investors cleaned up over 3,000% gains.

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So, what cryptocurrencies will become digital rock stars for 2022? This has not yet been determined. If anything is learned from 2021, a lot could happen in a year. Although no one can predict the future, the following coins have raised high expectations from investors and industry watchers alike as we head into the new year.

Looking to get on the ground floor of the next big cryptocurrency? These icons are a good place to start.


Of all the tokens that were popular at the beginning of 2022, LuckyBlock has to be the most popular of all. It just launched its token on a pre-sale basis at the start of the new year, according to, one of several publications touting it as the best cryptocurrency to buy this year. Pre-sale ends February 4th.

Unique among all the other coins on the market, the LBLOCK token will be the LuckyBlock lottery coin. LuckyBlock promises to be more transparent and easier to win than traditional lotteries, and will be a global draw that will be governed by its users through blockchain protocols.

Many industry watchers say he is willing to change the nature of lotteries specifically and online gambling in general. LBLOCK works on Binance Smartchain, funds the wallet in the lottery, but that’s not all. Its founders promise that token holders will find LBLOCK an excellent investment for the future.

That’s yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure: There’s no shortage of hot buzz surrounding the LBLOCK at the start of the new year.

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Located at the intersection of GameFi and DeFi, Buffer Finance serves as “a beloved options trading platform that enables anyone around the world to purchase and settle options on multiple assets directly against a pool of liquidity,” according to

This is a fun thing, but the catch is that just like LuckyBlock, Buffer Finance is changing a very profitable game with a completely new offer. In late 2021, Goldman Sachs endorsed crypto options as the next big thing in institutional investing. At the end of December, Buffer brought that warning back to life.

The token behind the Buffer Finance protocol is iBuffer (iBFR), which can be wagered to give token holders a source of passive income or a say in governance through voting rights.


Like the other two entries on this list, the CrypTalk token is associated with a leading technology that is well positioned to disrupt the industry. CryptTalk is a secure application that strives to be the first social media platform for encrypted communications that eliminates scams by thoroughly vetting and auditing all projects. The CRYP token is the backbone of the entire platform, giving users the cheapest fees possible while also acting as an investment.

In total, one billion BEP20 tokens will be generated and exchanged through the Binance Smart Chain. While the CrypTalk platform is very promising and highly anticipated, it is hardly off the ground and a lot needs to happen in 2022 for it to succeed; Therefore, if you are investing in the CRYP token, it is wise to tread lightly.


Like any other token on this list, DePo has the advantage of being associated with a new technology that is a first of its kind. DePo has the bragging rights as the world’s first multi-market decentralized pool. Users can manage, store and trade all their digital assets in one place with DePo, where the entire crypto market lives under one unified control panel.

It’s not just symbols. The platform allows users to access a myriad of DeFi products and NFTs as well. Best of all, DePo promises to maximize gains by getting investors the best possible deal from the global crypto market with every trade placed by its users.

At the heart of it all is the DEPO token, which can be staked for passive income – a tiered referral system and a 50% revenue share soon. There is a fixed cap of 1 billion tokens, but DePo understands that investors will naturally be skeptical of a very new and unproven currency. To prove the DePo team’s long-term view of their token, the company has locked 30% of the total supply in Unicrypt for 12 months.

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