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Visa’s Estonian Partner Wallester Invests in NFT

Visa's Estonian Partner Wallester Invests in NFT
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The general level of cryptocurrency acceptance around the world is actively increasing. The other day we learned that Visa Inc. She bought a collectible NFT token from CryptoPunk Group for $150,000, taking another step towards investing in the NFT space. The company noted the high prospects of NFT technology, calling it the future of commerce and entertainment.

Estonian company claims to have supported its global partner Visa in developing the NFT and the entire cryptocurrency industry. After promising trends in the world of cryptocurrency, the company decided to invest in NFT and purchased 33 tokens from the Astro Frens collection, which includes unique images of astronaut bulls. The purchase value was 3.05 ETH, which represents around $10,000.

As a partner of Visa, Wallester provides comprehensive physical and virtual card issuance services based on the white label model. The ability to issue its own payment cards allows Wallester customers to improve their core business processes, simplify payment systems with employees and counterparties, thereby taking their business to a whole new level by expanding their presence and increasing their customer base.

In cooperation with clients from different countries in the European Economic Area, Wallester offers payment solutions to companies of any size and business, including crypto and NFT projects. Recently, companies from the crypto world such as Scallop and DigitMoney have joined Wallester’s clients.

The purchase of the tokens from the Astro Frens Group demonstrates Wallester’s interest in developing the NFT industry and supporting other very promising areas. “As a young company, we want to support emerging and promising projects. We love the Astro Frens group, and we have no doubts that the future is NFT and cryptocurrencies. If you also promote crypto and NFT products, we will be happy to provide you with branded personal payment card solutions”, – Wallester representatives note.

Thus, the high interest on the part of major investors in NFT underlines the vast potential of this field. The demand for non-exchangeable tokens is increasing in the global market and they are already playing an important role in digital commerce. The contracts of Visa and Wallester for the purchase of NFT-Tokens once again confirm the positive dynamics of the development of crypto-objects and allow us to name NFT as one of the main trends of 2021 in the blockchain.

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