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Weekly summary of cryptocurrency news 12/25/2021

Weekly summary of cryptocurrency news 12/25/2021
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Jack Dorsey this week challenged venture capitalists to push a “mistaken” idea of ​​a decentralized Web3

Here’s a synopsis of that story and another that you may have missed before the holiday season.

Block CEO Jack Dorsey Intervenes In Bitcoin vs Dollar Discussion

Former Twitter CEO and current Block (formerly Square) Jack Dorsey has had his say on the topic of Bitcoin v Dollar. In response to a tweet Tuesday from American rapper Cardi B asking if Bitcoin will replace the dollar, Bitcoin is excited Proof in his response. His response sent waves through the crypto community, receiving pledges from both departments.

His post came as nothing but a surprise, as Dorsey often declared his passion for bitcoin. He has previously noted that Bitcoin is the most important thing he needs to function in his life. Last month, the Twitter co-founder stepped down as CEO of the social media giant and will now focus on digital payments and financial services company, Block.

After the tweet, the market change gave Bitcoin a slight bump. The world’s largest cryptocurrency has seen a downtrend amid concerns about the impact of the Omicron variable in recent weeks. It also became clear this week that Dorsey is not a fan of Web3, or rather controls the VC with the technology.

Tuesday, Bitcoin bull chirp By saying that Web3 was nothing less than a central entity. The controversy with VCs and the whole idea of ​​Web3 continued with Elon Musk asking if anyone had seen Web3. Dorsey repliedAnd It is located somewhere between a and z. Which could mean that it is under the control of venture capital firm a16z.

Visa completes acquisition of global payment solutions company Currencycloud

Monday, Visa confirmed It completed the acquisition of cross-border payment solutions company Currencycloud. The deal was sealed in July for £700m, which Visa said at the time was part of its “network of networks” strategy. The announcement also confirmed that Currencycloud will retain its headquarters in London.

Currencycloud, which facilitates currency solutions for banks and fintech companies, and Visa can now provide better control, flexibility, and transparency to partners and customers. Through this effort, Visa also intends to improve the user experience for customers and reduce the difficulties associated with completing a B2B cross-border money transfer.

The agreement is part of a strategic partnership an agreement As of 2019 between the two companies as part of an agreement that commits to cooperation. The plan was to improve innovation in cross-border payments and offer Visa customers innovative digital payment solutions that will help improve visibility and control over their money when traveling in different regions.

Currencycloud uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to provide currency exchange services to financial service providers. It also provides virtual account management, instant notification of currency transactions, as well as multi-currency management. The enterprise-grade payment platform serves nearly 500 customers across the technology and banking industries in 180 countries.

Crypto regulation proposal passed to the Senate of Paraguay

Last Thursday, a bill regulating cryptocurrency mining and trading was first introduced in mid-July by the House of Representatives by Representative Carlitos Regala. has received A majority of 29 votes to 8 in the Senate of Paraguay. Representative Regala won the support of Senator Fernando Silva Fassetti, who defended the bill in the Senate.

The main point of call for the proposed bill was the abundant amount of energy this Latin American country generates. Paraguay produces a large amount of hydroelectric power, about five times the amount it actually uses, with most of the surplus wasted.

Regulating the cryptocurrency industry and allowing international miners to set up mining farms near power plants would invest excess energy that might not be used otherwise. The proposal aims to establish clear regulations for the cryptocurrency industry. If implemented, crypto mining will be validated as a legal sector and virtual asset mining is recognized “A digital and innovative industry.”

destinations interested When setting up mining operations, a license for industrial use of electricity must be obtained before applying for the license. It’s a big win for cryptocurrency proponents, but the journey is far from over. The House of Representatives (House of Representatives) will debate and vote on the bill next year, after which the president can sign it. buys Super Bowl 2022 ad is not slowing down as it strives to join the top major US brands over the next three to five years. Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal You mentioned that as the last major financial move of the year, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange was I buy Advertising space at the biggest sporting event on American television – the Super Bowl.

The exchange will air a 30-second commercial on the popular sports event, for which it is said to have paid $6.5 million. The Super Bowl is set for February 2022 and is a sport that is known to be enjoyed by a large number of viewers. This year’s edition drew 96.4 million viewers, or roughly a third of the US population. Advertising can be profitable, as evidenced by good advertising numbers. has been on the cutting edge this year, having entered into several major partnerships. In addition, this week, Tuesday, exchange It announced a four-year agreement with Angel City Football Club to become the team’s official NFT and cryptocurrency partner. The deal saw become a founding sponsor and partner for the new team, an opportunity he plans to use to raise awareness of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3. Not long ago, the exchange concluded a 20-year, $700 million deal for the naming rights to the formerly known Staples Center.

Former US President Donald Trump only wants the dollar, not the cryptocurrency

Former United States President Donald Trump spoke to TBEN News host Maria Bartiromo on his TV show Mornings With Maria on Monday. The former head of state has warned of the dangers of cryptocurrencies, while taking a softer stance on Melania Trump’s NFT project.

In the interview published on Tuesday, the former president expressed his preference for the dollar, saying that he was never a fan of cryptocurrencies. Trump told Barthiromo that cryptocurrency is a very dangerous thing that could one day see a bigger explosion than the collapse of the internet at the turn of the century.

He referred to previous combative comments he made regarding digital assets, such as when he was note The cryptocurrency appears to be a scam and needs strict regulation in June. However, Trump felt that former first lady Melania would do very well with his plans to start the NFT project.

Melanie advertisement His NFT work Thursday last week with NFTs available for 1 Solana, valued at about $180 right now. NFTs will be published at regular intervals, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. The head of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Aaron Dorfman, said the lack of clarity on how much will be donated to charity is “Huge red flag. “

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